New Textbook Edition Now Available

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kaplan & McGourty’s “Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management, 6th Edition” by Wiley 2020.

See description below and watch for upcoming posts as we continue to provide updated guidance to entrepreneurs, startup founders, and corporate innovators.

Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management, 6th Edition is the essential roadmap for anyone interested in starting a new venture whether for-profit or social enterprise. Featuring updated themes, new cases, and enhanced interactive learning tools, the sixth edition of Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management addresses the challenges, issues, and rewards real-life entrepreneurs encounter when starting and growing a venture in today’s complex world.

Using its innovative “Roadmap” approach, this practical guide enables students and aspiring entrepreneurs to design, execute, and maintain their business plan—covering every essential step of the entrepreneurial process, from turning an idea into a business model to securing funding and managing resources. To support student venture development and faculty facilitation of associated topics, the authors have added over 30 worksheets that serve as prompts to help students focus on what should be considered at each stage of venture development. For each chapter, specific “Best Practices” associated with each worksheet have been included to help students understand the theory and/or rationale behind the prompts, helping the student connect the work with where they are in the venture process. 

The authors draw from their extensive experience launching new ventures and educating thousands of students globally to provide a unique hands-on approach to developing the skills required to start and build a company in the modern business environment. Discussions focus on the real-life challenges facing startup founders: important issues such as how to drive continuous innovation and how to create a company culture that maximizes success.

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